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The Cold Hard Truth About Branding Yourself and Making 6 Figures a Month

March 17, 2015

Do you know anyone who would seriously like to make an extra $100-$200 extra money each day? I mean SERIOUSLY!

If you say, “Yeah, ME!”, you might qualify.

But, this is NOT for you. It really isn’t. It’s for someone else that you may already know.

And, NO, I’m not talking about “strong-arming” your friends and family, or your Facebook connections. If you know someone else besides yourself who would like to make a legitimate $500-$1,000 a week and take weekends off, you’ll need to learn some basic rules to help them become successful.

One, you’ve got to be successful in whatever you’re going to show them. Don’t promote some lame “shiny object” that you’ve never heard of, because everybody else is already doing that.

Two, don’t promote anything that’s been promoted by anyone else.

Now, you might say, “Well, Ernest, everybody has already hear about [insert
name of company] so it’s kinda hard to not promote something that nobody has heard about.

Here’s the kicker: has anybody heard about YOU?

Do they know you in 192+ countries as an authority?

It’s not hard to build up authority like Grant Cardone or Frank Kern, or a thousand other names you might know. All you have to do is put in some time and effort each day to do so.

Heck, even if you don’t do anything but once a week, that’s better than nothing.

The cold, hard truth about branding yourself and making 6 figures a month is that it takes work! Most newbies will never achieve it because they won’t put out the work necessary to learn how. That’s why you see the biggest majority of them looking for joBS on CL and all these other job boards. They think they can just go to their local Best Buy, pick up a laptop, get a Facebook account and start spamming Facebook groups and they’ll become gazillionaires overnight.

How’s that been working for ya?

Fact is, Miss Clickboobs will not jump out of the cake after you cut and paste 10 or 20 ads a day to a bunch of other spammers on Facebook groups. They’re not interested in what you’re pushing: they’re only interested in YOU clicking THEIR link, or “inboxing” them when they dangle their carrots in front of you.

What 99.999% of the spammers on Facebook groups don’t realize is that it takes a lot of work to make 6 figures a month, and truth be known, they themselves haven’t made $100 before they’re off onto another shiny object. You’ve really got to “up your game” and get educated how this internet thing works to make $35,000 to $50,000 a day. It’s not impossible: it’s just that very few people are going to invest in themselves to do it.

It takes a lot of reading, money and time spent on mentors and coaches, and perhaps even going back to school to learn the basics of marketing and psychology. Most noobs won’t put out that kind of intellectual energy. If you’re not going to invest in yourself, your education, and “branding” yourself on an international scale, then you might as well close up shop and quit pretending that your “in business for yourself” because you’re not fooling anyone… just you.

But, hey! There is hope: Wal Mart is still taking applications for greeters, stockers and floor moppers. I hear they turned a lot of floor moppers into millionaires over the past 40 years…

Now, if you would like to settle down and get over being pissed off at me because I hit you with the brutal truth, and learn how to consistently earn $500-$1,000 a week (that’s $100-$200 a day, taking the weekends off) I can show you how with a simple little CRAZY one page report. All you have to do is click the link to the TRAFFIC_BLACK_BOOK pdf at the end of this article and download it.


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