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The Age Old Question About Affiliate Marketing: Do You Need To Have Your Own Product?

March 17, 2015

The question “Do you need your own product?” to succeed in affiliate marketing has been one of the most asked questions since the dawn of the internet… and affiliate marketing.

If you think about it, affiliate marketing has been around for thousands of years. It’s only gotten a lot of traction since the early days of the internet.

One of advantages of affiliate marketing is that you really don’t need a web site of your own, or a product. A lot of companies offer replicated sites for their affiliates, and while that may be a boon to the beginning marketer, it can also be a double edged sword. You can’t modify the code on a replicated site and there’s not much you can do to optimize it for the search engines. If the owners of the affiliate company haven’t put a lot of thought into their SEO efforts, it’s up to you to figure out how to improve your traffic and sales.

Yes, it can be done, but that’s a whole other book that won’t be written here.

There are a lot of gurus who will tell you that you absolutely MUST have your own product to get started and be successful in affiliate marketing. There are also those who say you dont need a product when you start or ever to be successful.

So, which is it? Yes? No?

The fact of the matter is that everybody is right. You can be successful either way. It’s just a matter of strategy in how you promote one over the other.

Having your own product line is great but it isnt absolutely necessary. Those who have their own product line — or service — can build a website around that product and add affiliate links to it, or plug in an affiliate system for others to make money as a reseller.

Think ClickBank. They have hundreds of thousands of products and services in a variety of categories that are published by the original creators. You can earn a commission by reselling those products that fit your market. You’re never required to stock any inventory in your garage or spare bedroom, and in many cases, you don’t even have to buy the product to resell it. Just sign up with the network and start promoting something that meets the needs of your market.

Those who dont have their own products can still create a great website and be an affiliate marketer. You can purchase a domain and host your own websites and plug in a WordPress theme that matches your genre, set up an affiliate plugin with a company like Amazon or any other number of affiliate companies, and start promoting.

Producers of products and services love affiliate marketers because it’s like having an army of sales people all promoting the same product without having to hire anyone. And affiliate networks like ClicBank, ClickSure, JVZoo and Commission Junction are perfect vehicles where a novice marketer can sign up and start promoting products and services.

Whether you have your own web site or your own product or not really isn’t the issue: you need to be passionate about the products or services you sell. Whether you sell your own, or someone else’s product, you’ll never be successful selling something you’re not interested in.

It takes drive and ambition to succeed at any endeavor and affiliate marketing isnt any different. You must be passionate about a product or an idea in order to keep your drive and ambition alive and well for the long haul. Whether you’re marketing your own product or a product produced by someone else, your success will be directly related to how effective your marketing strategies are, how focused you are, how well you manage your time, and how much you believe in the product.

If you come up with a great idea for a product or service and promote it as a vendor, you can share a percentage of the sales to your affiliates and keep the rest. It’s far better to make “a little bit” from the efforts of many versus a lot of effort on your part for peanuts.




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