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Ingreso Cybernetico Review – Thumbs Down

March 3, 2015

Why a lot of people promote it, and why I didn’t join.

You’ve probably seen a lot of promotions (read: spam) on Facebook groups about Ingreso Cybernetico for some time now. If you’ve been on the internet and Facebook for at least the past year, you’ve seen the photoshopped images of piddly checks because the ugly truth about MLM’s (and money pyramids) is that less than 1% of the money to be made is done at the top of the food chain. The biggest majority of these people won’t make $800 in a year’s time.

Do I think IC is a scam? No. I don’t think they intentionally started out to scam anybody, but their business model is certainly flawed. The problem with their business model, like many others on the internet, is that they’re based on a multi-level marketing scheme where they only promote the “compensation plan” and have no real products or services to offer.

What Is Ingreso Cybernetico?

Ingreso Cybernetico is Spanish for cyber income and is a program that is targeting Latin America. However, it recently exploded onto social media and is currently available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

What Are The Ingreso Cybernetico Products?

IC offers a variety of digital tools, services and training designed to teach people how to market on the internet. Services like capture pages, sales pages, hosting services, cloud storage, auto-responders and many other digital products are part of their inventory, but this is where the problems come in: It’s hard to tell which of their products and services are really worth the money paid for them or not, because there are a ton of well known companies out there that offer these same exact products FOR MUCH LESS MONEY.

Which brings me to my next point…

People are not jumping into IC because of the products and services: They’re promoting IC on Facebook and social media because it’s a MLM model that pays out on a matrix, and like most MLM’s (and matrices) eventually collapse under their own weight.

Their promoters don’t are not even using the autoresponders, capture pages, sales pages or any of the products: they only have those “digital” products to make themselves “legal” in the eyes of the law in certain countries, such as the United States.

The fact of the matter is this: they would probably be more legitimate if they actually had a physical product, like a box of soap or a bottle of dishwashing liquid. Even Amway went through the legal scrutiny of it’s business model, but at least they had a tangible line of products, whether you thought they were legitimate or not.

Here’s the dichotomy with Ingreso: their promoters are using competitor products like Lead Pages, Aweber or GetResponse instead of their own services. It really doesn’t make sense because if you’re going to pay for someone’s products and services, you might as well use them. Right?

Unless… the income opportunity itself is more appealing than the products…

… and there’s where your problems manifest themselves.

As a company based on a flawed model, much like others we have seen in the past 3 to 5 years, I don’t give them much time before seeing them in the news that A.) they’ve gone bankrupt, or B.) the Top Dawgs have absconded with the purse, or C.) both A. and B.

The only reason people are even wasting time and energy on promoting this is simply for the compensation plan. When you don’t have any REAL VALUE with products and services, and you only have a compensation plan, it’s not long before you start to lose people due to attrition. When you have nothing of value, you have nothing to sell. Hence, without selling something tangible, you can’t make a profit, and it’s not long before the founders take off with your money… and disappear.

When this happens, don’t say I didn’t tell you so.

How Do You Make Money With Ingreso Cybernetico?

The IC compensation plan is pretty clever: it utilizes a 2×2 matrix which pays you every time you complete the matrix. Each time you fill up your matrix you get paid. They have multiple matrices and each matrix has a different entry point (cost to get started). Depending on which level you start with, you get access to more tools and services as you upgrade to the higher packages. These packages range from $50.00 up to $3,500.00. They also have monthly fees and one-time fees associated with different packages.

And let’s not forget about those all too often mentioned “spill overs”… while I haven’t seen those words on their promotional material (yet), let me give you a word of warning when you see them: RUN!

Let’s say you wanted to get started at the basic level. The $50 initial payment is a one-time payment and then you just pay $25 monthly. When you refer two people under your matrix, those two will refer two other people for a total of 6 people which now completes your matrix and you receive a $125 commission. You can complete the matrix an unlimited number of times and continue to make $125 commissions… as long as you can dupe enough people to buy into this nonsense.

Why I Decided Not To Join Ingreso Cybernetico

Have I been approached by promoters of Ingreso Cybernetico? Yes. Lots of them. But, I did my homework: my due diligence.

Like a lot of other money based (or compensation plan based) pyramid schemes, they look like a lot of value in terms of products and tools packed into one system.

HOWEVER, the program doesn’t work and will eventually fall apart because there’s too much competition in this niche. AND, the products and services offered outside of IC are cheaper if you just do your homework and find them online.

I could probably list 20 or 30 more companies who offer the same thing as Ingreso but I’m not going to… and I’m not going to mention their names. You know who they are…

Most of the products in these flawed models are digital and your “target market” are only “two people who truly need these services”… or people who want to make money online.

Do I believe Ingreso Cybernetico is a scam? No, not really… but it’s the closest thing to one you’ll ever see. Much like the “others” I alluded to, they didn’t start off with the intent to scam anybody: they’re just taking advantage of two things:

  1. A flawed business model
  2. And your greed for a quick buck.

The reality is that most people who join these programs do it for only one reason: to make money. They don’t join for the products, because there are no products. Unlike a computer or refrigerator, there is absolutely no value in their “products” and/or services. Just a “system” to make a quick buck until you move onto something else in search of your dreams of mega-gazilliones…

But, I digress…

You can say this for almost any “income opportunity” you see online. But, because there are so many other “multiple income” opportunities who offer similar packages to Ingreso, competition in this niche is quite strong. (Think…)

In my opinion there’s not much difference with Ingreso that sets them apart from the others. You know who the “others” are…

Their compensation plan is lackluster and based on a flawed model that has historically been short-lived and rife with fraud.

I honestly believe there are other income opportunities much better than IC (and a few others I won’t mention), but suffice it to say, a great income opportunity should have MORE than just a great compensation plan. They should have a great set of products and services to round out their business and make them more appealing.

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