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What Companies Are Looking For With Work-At-Home Workers

February 25, 2015

Ask any hiring manager, and they will tell you that hiring an office worker is a much different process than hiring a work-at-home worker. Here are just a few traits you’ll need in order to work remotely.

While both types of job candidates should possess the previous work experiences necessary to perform the duties of the job, telecommuting employees need to have a more disciplined personality and skill set required to work from home. Here are just a few traits youll need in order to work remotely:

Strong communication skills

Lets say youre working on a big project, and you suddenly hit a snafu that halts your work. If you dont directly communicate with your boss about whats going on, hell have no idea that theres an issue until the deadline rolls aroundand the work is not finished. Working from home means being able to clearly communicate with your boss and coworkers via email, phone, and even through videoconferencing about any and all issues… and do it fast. Don’t drag your feet in keeping everybody informed in a timely manner.

The ability to work independently

In many of your previous office jobs, you had managers who regularly swung by your cubicle to chatand to check up on the status of your work assignments. One of the many benefits of working from home is that you wont have to directly deal with a micromanaging boss breathing down your neck. It also means that youll need to manage yourself. So if your comfy couch or bed might be calling your name, youll need to be strict about starting your day ON SCHEDULE and getting your work done.

Your tech skills

Your internet service goes out… Your computer crashes, wiping out the last 3 years of work you just did. You cant figure out how to connect to the companys server. What are you going to do?

A myriad of technical mishaps can (and will) happen when you work from home. It’s not a question of “if” it’s going to happen… it’s a question of WHEN. I know you don’t like to hear that, but you need to be prepared.

Unlike working in an office when you can call your companys techie guru to help you solve your problems, you are the I/T person when you work from home. During a job interview, a hiring manager may ask you how you would handle any of the above issues to make sure that working from home wont be a problem for you. You need to have a well defined answer for them.

Be SUPER organized

Without the occasional office visit from your boss or fellow colleague, it can be easy to let your home office become overrun with coffee cups, candy wrappers, and your kids toys. Having a ton of clutter in your office space can seriously impact your productivity, particularly if youre constantly searching for specific papers.

In order to work from home, youll need to be hyper organized. After all, it will help you stay focused, on top of your tasks, andmost importantlyallow you to have more free time to spend with your family.

Having a flexible schedule is something that everyone can benefit from, particularly working parents. Even if some of the above traits dont come naturally to you, you can always work on them in order to get a flexible job and enjoy the freedom that comes with work-life balance.

And if youre stumped as to where to start your work-from-home job search, check out FlexJobs 100 Top Companies with Remote Jobs in 2015! Its a great way to jump-start your job search, with great companies that are hiring flexible workers!


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