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I met Richard outside of my local White Castle by James Dawson

November 9, 2013

(11) Ernest O’Dell – I met Richard outside of my local White Castle I….

I met Richard outside of my local White Castle by James Dawson

I wrote this article after having a Wednesday night webinar with our beloved Ernst O’Dell, regarding Instant Rewards Network. After the webinar I starting thinking of how my experience that I had divulged to Ernst on the webinar may be of some use to everyone here at Instant Rewards Network. I have also added some content afterwords, so it became a bit lengthy, like so many of my articles become. After all I am a writer and webmaster!

I met Richard outside of my local White Castle, crouched down and crying because he was so desperate. Cold, actually freezing to death, starving and homeless. I gave him my coat, I had a warm car to sit in. This man obviously, had nothing.

When a man is that desperate…sooo very very desperate to the point of no return…you can look into his
eyes and see the truth. With Richard, there was no doubt. I had never in my life seen such desperation, fear, hopelessness, pain and anguish in a mans eyes that just seemed to come rushing at me like I seen in Richards.

He was having a hard time steadying himself and I heard what sounded like paper scraping on something. I looked down and seen where he even had newspapers all bundled and wrapped around his feet for shoes. He had gotten the newspaper from some non-caring jerk off that bought a newspaper out of the news stand outside of the White Castle, threw the newspaper down at Richards feet, and told him to look for a job and walked away. Unbelievable.

I mean, would you hire a guy with raggedy clothes, no shoes, long shaggy hair that looked like it had not been washed in a month, yellowed teeth and a full beard?

I took him inside White Castle and fed him. He was literally starving to death. I knew the people working at the White Castle. My best friends sister was the manager. I told her that I had a make some phone calls and asked that she make sure Richard got whatever he wanted eat and as much as he wanted and we could total it up and pay when he was finished. She agreed.

While Richard was eating I called a friend of mine that was a landlord. After Richard was done eating we went to meet with my landlord friend. I payed his first month and deposit for a home, and wished him a Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I received what had to be the longest hug from a sobbing man I had ever received in my life.

Myself…I felt absolutely fantastic and so full of happiness that I thought I was going to explode. I had not felt so great in a very long time.

We even found ourselves hugging each other so tight that we started lifting each other up off the ground and swinging each other around. My landlord friend, his wife, the hired help that my landlord friend was instructed by me to bring, were all laughing, crying and clapping.

That was when Richard noticed all of these extra people standing there. He gave me a very confused look and then that was when I said, “we are not done yet.”.

I had some old furniture in storage from a previous marriage that I really had no use for. I rented a uHaul. Richard, the landlord friend’s hired help and I moved all of the old furniture into Richards new home. My landlord friends wife kept herself busy telling all of us where she thought the furniture should be, changing her mind a few times, making us all laugh. I totally ruined a $200 suit that night, but I could only laugh about it when looking at Richard.

And oh yes, I almost forgot, we stopped at one of those “we have everything’ stores and I bought Richard, food, necessities…and shoes when we were headed back to Richards new home with the uHaul!

Richard turned out to be the best student and best friend I ever had. Richard started his own home business and then started teaching other homeless men and women in the area to do the same.

Richard worked out a rent with option to buy from my landlord friend. My landlord friend said Richard is one of the best tenants he has ever had.

After a short while Richard was doing so well you would never of even imagined that he had been homeless and he sure did not wear shaggy clothes, hair was cut short and groomed, and no beard. He kept the mustache saying, “Hey, why not, you’ve got one!”

He even learned from what I did for him and passed on the same towards a homeless man one night that was crouched down, crying, rocking and praying for forgiveness outside of a Marsh grocery store. Richard told me at that moment…looking down at this man…it all came rushing back to him. He agreed that he experienced the same that I had because of helping the man, but he wanted more. He knew then, at that moment that he HAD to do more.

Richard and I came up with the idea of starting our own local Educate -Thyself organization. Richard was to be the manager of course:-) We had our first presentation at a local food bank where people, who knew Richard very well, were anxiously listening to our every word that came out of his mouth. The proof that there was actually hope…was standing right there right in front of them. There was no denying it. Probably about 85 percent of these people followed Richard and his teachings he did several nights a week.

After Richard helped ALL of these people get on their feet and get started in their own home business, some of them became his best customers, some became Richards employees, yeah you read that right!,
employees, and some went on to their own bigger things, to go on and create their own private organizations helping other homeless people.

People!…Please hear me…ALL of this evolved…because I looked down at a broken man…crouched down and crying his eyes out in desperation, rocking back and forth, quietly praying for forgiveness!
He did not have a sign. He had nothing to make a sign from! He did not want to advertise his situation. He was not looking for a quick buck. He had just gotten done, searching through the parking lot, the dumpster area, looking for food. He was not proud of the shell of a man he had become…


I had dealt with broken men that had come back from Vietnam. I had a lot of friends that died there and
some came back crippled, never to be the same. Physically or mentally. And I met others through my friends that had served.

But Richard…he was mentally and physically broken almost beyond human belief. Barely surviving. At least my Vietnam friends had their group of soldier buddies to fall back on for support. Richard…was totally alone…with nobody but himself, his memories, his thoughts, his never ending pain and agony.

The homeless are out there, like it or not. That will NEVER change, regardless of what you read telling you otherwise. Sure it can be hard to tell the REAL homeless people from the fake ones. Unless of course, you come across someone like Richard.

Now I am not saying that you should even consider going the extreme that I did with a Richard There are a lot of homeless people out there that are not as desperate as Richard. Some are homeless by choice and no matter what you do will change that.

And yes…some are not so honest and can not be trusted.

So What Is This Story Leading Up To?…

Some of you come to me asking how you may develop a relationship with people and create a dedicated downline. Well, you probably do not have to look any further than in your own neighborhood. Some of my friends..I met in an elevator, a school play, a sport event, even a restaurant!

I would advise that you start by introducing yourself to a neighbor that you have seen frequently that may be driving a sort of junker. One that you know is working at a place that probably pays minimum wage. In most cases, they are someone that could use the heads up on a realistic home business. One that they could start with absolutely no investment.

And if you happen to come across someone that you can tell by the look in their eyes is really interested and hungry to know what you have to offer….help them get it all setup. Instruct them on what to do. Step by step by baby step.

Now I am not saying that you should do it all for them. They will not learn a thing that way. You are their new sponsor. SPONSOR them…guide them, instruct them, be available to answer any questions that they have, invite them to webinars and teleseminars to learn from…TEACH them.

Ask them if they have any friends that they think may be interested. Start brainstorming with them on who else that you could bring into your new circle of friends. Setup a day of the week to sit down with all of your new circle of friends that are eager to learn and change their lives for the better……YOUR NEW DEDICATED DOWNLINE!:-)

Agree for all of you to meet at someones house, agree for all of you to meet online at a new webinar you present, agree for all of you to visit a website and then conduct and conference call after everyone has viewed the website…WHATEVER IT TAKES AND WORKS FOR YOU!!

There is a reason that companies like Amway became the business empires that they did. The distributors were trained to relate to the people. They were trained in Network Marketing and Relationship Marketing even before the internet!

I can’t help but laugh when I hear people that actually think that Network Marketing and Relationship Marketing evolved via the internet!

I was doing it in 1966 with my Amway distributorship! We all used the white presentation boards and slide camera shows back them. Met with people in the their homes, did our presentation, went through the catalogs. Back then we were trying to influence the starting of catalog shopping. Look where that went! WOW!!

It is not rocket science my friends. It has been going on for many years.

It has just been dubbed with some new title every once in a while by the shady sales reps attempting to pull the wool over everybody’s eyes. But for those of us that has been in the industry for while, when the presentation begins, we know where it is headed WAY before it hardly starts.

With the economy, what it is, NOW is the time for anyone and everyone to start some sort of home business. If nothing else, just to survive and support their families. Not to mention the tax advantages of owning your own home business!

YOU have a great, fantastic home business opportunity that YOU can present to everyone you know and come in contact with because of your involvement in Instant Rewards Network.

Some Will Join With You, Some Will Not!

The ones that are desperate, hungry, have that burning desire for success, those that have the vision and see what is being presented to them as a golden opportunity to change their lives for the better…will join in a heart beat! You WILL see it in their eyes, you WILL hear it in their voice, you WILL know.

And believe me…their excitement will regenerate YOU as well.

THOSE are the ones that you MUST SPONSOR!! Guide them, help them, step by step, by baby step if necessary…TEACH THEM.

Be there for them. Be available for any questions that they may have. Don’t recruit them and then hide from them or disappear! Give them your email address, give them your phone number, give them your Gvoice number, give them your fax number, give them your cell number. Treat them like your new best friends. You WANT them to contact you. You WANT them to succeed. If they succeed, YOU succeed.


Avoid and do not tolerate any negativity. Encourage them to take the next step. Assure them that they WILL make it if they only try and do not give up. GIVE them the marketing tools they need, GIVE them the promotional marketing advice they need, GIVE them leads if you have too many to handle yourself. WHATEVER IT TAKES…DO IT!!!!

“Come Join Us For A True Adventure Worth Taking” – JD

Live a Healthier and Happier Life™ – JD

And Always Remember…”Success Begins With A Dream”™ – JD

James Deo Dawson Sr “JD”, NMD
“The Internetizen Entrepreneur”®
Instant Rewards Network
Become the change you wish to see in the world
~~ Learn From The Past | Live in The Present | Plan for The Future ~~

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