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Rich People SUCK!

EDITOR’S NOT: This is not a short article, nor is it a very long one; but smart people will read it all the way through.

By Ernest O’Dell

If you don’t have time to read the entire article right now, bookmark it and come back to it later when you’re not so busy and absorbed in something else. Or… print it out to read later.

It’s that important…

I didn’t grow up in a wealthy family. Maybe you didn’t either. I wasn’t “destitute” by any means. I certainly don’t remember missing any meals.

But, I do know what it’s like to wear hand-me-down clothes and not having the latest fashions. I’m not complaining, mind you; I just know the feeling when I wore denim jeans to church, and slightly oversized clothes to school that didn’t fit me. I must have looked like a real ragamuffin. Now, the girls tell me I look like a stud muffin…

But, I digress…

I didn’t fit in with most other kids because I was what they called an “outsider” growing up in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I didn’t run with the miscreants from the reform school; although I had my share of fights with them when they picked on me.

I also didn’t fit in with the socialites of the “High Society” from Brookside and Cassia Hall. (If you’re familiar with Tulsa, you’ll know what I’m talking about.) Even after I started singing with the Tulsa Opera Company, the snooty bastards over at the Ballet and the Petroleum Club (Warren Center) wouldn’t let me crash their uppity parties.

Sigh… sometimes you just can’t win…

…isn’t that what you’ve heard all your life?

Growing up, I heard a lot of talk about money, but what I heard about money was mostly wrong. You probably heard some of the same things…

Mostly from grownups who said things like:

  • Money doesn’t grow on trees
  • The love of money is the root of all evil (that’s a misquotation, by the way…)
  • We might not be wealthy but at least we’re honest
  • Maybe it’s just not God’s will for me to have money
  • We were all so poor during the Great Depression, none of us knew any different anyway.

Ever heard those? Sure you have. If you haven’t heard it, you’re either lying through your teeth like a Purple Lipped Politician, or you just haven’t lived long enough to get out on your own.

Who knows: maybe you can add a few I haven’t heard before.

But, if there’s one thing that we’ve ALL learned, it’s that we hear the same old tune, and the constant drumbeat of negativity everywhere we turn. We hear it in the movies, on TV shows, in the news, and on the radio.

You know what that theme is?

Rich people suck! Rich people are evil, mean, dishonest, nasty and unethical.

You hear it all the time on the Lame Stream Media. You hear it from the political pundits and politicians. You hear it from people who have never made a dime in their lives and couldn’t manage a payroll if they tried.

Think about it:

Who’s the bad guy in Harry Potter?
The rich kid, and his rich dad.

Who’s the bad guy in Superman?
The rich guy, Lex Luthor.

Who’s the bad guy in Spiderman?
The rich industrialist.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

And who’s the good guy in these stories? It’s always the orphan, or some homeless couple, or someone who’s been mistreated. It’s always some schmuck occupying Zuccoti Park who thinks money is unimportant or unnecessary…

Take a look at the movie Titanic: the ONLY “good guys” in that movie were the poor stiffs down in 3rd class.

And who were the rich people? The stupid, shallow, rich people who were all up on first class, dining on escargot and arguing about whether to have mint sauce on their lamb chops.

Come on! Give me a break!

FACT: We’re conditioned to believe that money is bad and that being broke is somehow better. Yeah, well try telling that to all those college students that were brainwashed into getting a college education because, if they didn’t, they would end up digging ditches for the City Water Works Department.

Why am I telling you this? I’m not busting your chops. I’m trying to get inside your head and have a discussion with you and make you think through some of these erroneous premises.

Your mind is like a computer. It records everything.

From the time that you and I were small children, a lot of us have been programmed with the wrong information. We’ve been brainwashed all our lives because our ancestors were also brainwashed. It’s not their fault: it’s all they knew. They grew up in hard times and it formed their character, and for that I’m glad. Because many of our ancestors, at least, established some good foundations in our lives.

But, our brains has been soaking up all these opinions about money and wealth, and you know what they say about opinions…

Even though most of those “opinions” are wrong, and completely untrue in real life…

…they can still prevent you from becoming wealthy.

Think about it for just a minute: if your goal is to be an honest, ethical, loving, caring and generous person, and you believe that having money will make you evil, mean, nasty and greedy…

…your mind will not allow you take the necessary actions that might increase your income. You’ll sabotage yourself and shoot yourself in the foot every time.

And you won’t even know it’s happening!

You got that? Did you “get that”? I mean, did you REALLY, really get that?

Imagine yourself sitting at a stoplight and a beautiful Mercedes S-600 pulls up beside you. It’s a $250,000 automobile, without all the “trimmings”. With the trimmings, it’s more like a half million dollar car; on the scale of a Rolls-Royce Phantom.

What’s your first reaction?

“Look at that stupid rich jerk driving that big ol’ fancy car. He probably thinks he’s better than everyone else!”


“Wow, look at that car! What an amazing vehicle! Isn’t it amazing that such a thing exists! I’ll bet that is an incredible thing to drive!”

If your response to simply seeing a person sitting in a luxury car was to automatically label them as a mean, evil nasty person, what does that say about your attitude about money?

Here’s another example:

You’re looking for a way to create another income stream. You want a better life for you and your family. So you start looking for ways to do that.

Then you find one. You find an opportunity where people are making tons of money and where they seem to be having a blast doing it!

(Yes, making money, and lots of it, can be pretty darned exciting! I can guarantee you, it’s “rootin’, tootin’ fun”… as we say down here in Texas.)

Making lots of money gives you lots of opportunities to do things you would like to do: like help someone else in need, pay off the mortgage, make an extra car payment…

It gives you the opportunity to break away from the herd and start living the life you’ve always wanted, or thought you deserved.

But, rather than jump in, you start getting analytical and playing that tape recorder in your subconscious…

…you know which one I’m talking about,

…the one on an endless loop that keeps playing the same old mantra, over and over,

…saying things like:

  • “Hmmm… it sounds too good to be true.”
  • “If it’s so good, why haven’t I heard of it before?”
  • “I don’t know… if I made that kind of money, I wouldn’t know what to do about the taxes.” (You’d brag about paying them to your broke brother-in-law, the plumber, and you know it…)
  • “I don’t know… this looks like something I’ve never done before.” (I’ll tell you why it looks like something you’ve never done before: because you’ve never gotten off your lazy ass and done anything… before…)

And–SNAP–just like that, without even realizing you’re doing it, you’ve just sabotaged yourself and pushed away the very opportunity you were
looking for.

Look… you don’t have to listen to me. You can close this page and leave and go somewhere else if you think I’m busting your chops.

But, if you know that what I’m saying is true, you’ll stick around and let me finish.

Most people go their entire LIVES in this cycle of “almost breaking away” and then they get sucked back in like they were in a pit of quicksand.

  • It’s tragic.
  • It’s the story of poverty.
  • It’s the story of mediocrity, and
  • it’s the story of too many people who read this article.


  1. You have to make friends with money.
  2. You have to stop fighting against the very thing you’re trying to get.
  3. You have to be willing to see that money flows all around you (you just haven’t been “in the flow”).
  4. You only need to find out where the money is going and get in front of it (with a big net… sort of like catching fish).
  5. You have to realize that money isn’t good OR bad. It’s neutral.
  6. It’s what you DO with money that makes the difference. You can be a blessing to your family and those in need, or you can lavishly spend it on yourself, and still be empty and vacuous inside.

This is one of the things that you’ll always hear me talk about in my seminars, whether it’s in the real estate industry, the insurance industry, telecommunications and Unified Messaging, or in the Customer Service employment sector.

You’ve probably heard more “rags to riches” stories than I can recount. Some “friend of a friend” was dead broke, and they learned how to make friends with money. They discovered how to “attract” money so it would come running to them.

Well, getting money to come to you isn’t hocus-pocus, and it’s not conjuring up some genie from the Cosmic Universe and ordering from the Catalogue of The Galaxy. Making money not only takes a lot of work, but it takes a commitment and a conscious decision that you’re going to do whatever is necessary to do it.

You either “do, or do not… there is no try.”

Life wasn’t meant to be a struggle, although most people do struggle…

It’s right to pursue happiness, and if prosperity is part of that equation, then so be it. It’s your right to pursue your dreams, but it’s not your right to have a “level playing field”. The only one who can level that playing field is YOU.

But you have to get rid of all the negative programming first…

And you have to give yourself permission to be wealthy.

This is where it starts…

Do you give yourself permission?

Can I show you how to start earning $1,000 a day?

If could show you how to make a hundred dollars in two hours, or a thousand dollars in 8 hours, would you listen to me?

It’s an offer that yours, and yours alone. I won’t twist your arm behind your back to take it.

But you WILL have to turn your back on your old ways of “stinkin’ thinkin'” about money, and make friends with money.

Watch this right video right now. It’s free and it’ll show you EXACTLY what to do to start being more prosperous in your life.

I’m a veteran Internet Marketer with over 16 and 1/2 years full time online experience and over 38 years experience as a successful entrepreneur in Direct Marketing. I have been a top earner in 2 different satellite TV companies and 3 different telecommunication companies winning over 20 awards.

I’ve also written more than 6,248 articles, reports, “special reports”, blog posts, ezines, technical and “white” papers, and have several books to my credit. I’m published in over 182 countries, and in more than 24 languages.

If you have “attention deficit disorder” (ADD), or you’re a compulsive perfectionist like I am, no problem. I can work with that. As long as you make a commitment to work with me. I’ll see you through this and help you change your mind about rich people: especially when you become one. 🙂

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