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Download the Library of Congress in One Second?

Verizon Upgrades Its Network For a 100 Gigabit World

Long-haul networks and backbones on the Internet aren’t the only channels getting 100 gigabit upgrades these days. Tuesday, December 13, 2001, Verizon announced that it is upgrading their metro networks in at least seven U.S. cities to meet the demand for faster broadband and mobile communications; taking them closer “to the edge.” Verizon’s announcement follows the launch of a 100-gigabit in the Washington, D.C. Beltway, last week, and it shows how we are closing in on the terabit world. Verizon is installing Cisco CRS-3 routers in at least seven cities: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York and Seattle, and more to come in the future. The new equipment, which will be deployed in the first half of 2012, can move up to 322 terabits per second — enough to download the entire printed collection of the Library of Congress in one second. These behemoth machines will be part of Verizon’s upgrade to its core FiOS network and will help deliver more bandwidth to homes, businesses, and data centers in the respective cities, to cell towers for mobile backhaul and wherever else Verizon needs it. They will also play a role in Verizon’s network evolution strategy to IPv6, the new Internet addressing system. This will represent a lot of new opportunities for mobile marketers, Internnet Marketers, video and affiliate marketing enterprises. Sites such as Clickbank, QuestarPC.com, and Wirefly Wireless Phones and Satellite TV will also benefit from faster loads of retail sites with large inventories. Unlike the telecommunications boom of the late ’90s, the investment here seems to be matching up with real bandwidth demand. Without this investment in faster equipment and bandwidth speed, high-demand sites and applications in the “cloud” and Unified Communications & Messaging would remain at a crawl.

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