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Ernest O’Dell – Director of Business Development at Questar TeleCommunications and Questar PC

Imagine it’s a year from now and you’re at a party talking with some friends. They’re all in a sour mood, complaining about the price of gas and groceries. They’re all looking for someone to blame, instead of looking for solutions. Complaining really doesn’t do much good, but we humans are prone to do so anyway.

The truth is you and your friends have reason to complain because the economy hasn’t come back out of the abyss, yet–no matter what the politicians tell you. Jobs are better in some parts of the country, but in general incomes and home values have still not recovered from pre-crisis levels.

Some people are worried about losing their jobs and how they’ll put food on the table. You listen with sympathy but you’re not sure what you can say to put their fears at ease.

Inside you feel very fortunate.


Because your situation is completely different.

You’re doing better than most people and making a whole lot more than you could ever imagine. You’re either employed or you have your own business. Or perhaps you have a few books to your credit and you’re considered an authority. Or maybe you have several affiliate businesses going that are doing well.

You’re bringing in more passive revenue than ever because of several new income streams you’ve created. You’re getting invitations from organizations
offering to pay you to speak to their groups about a subject you love.

And while all this is happening you’re also having a lot of fun because you’re helping a lot of people by doing what you were born to do!

The above is no fairy tale…

Variations of this story have come true for a lot of people and it can also come true for you. You just need that lucky “break” that people are always telling you about.

Now, don’t go jump on the latest bandwagon of the newest “shiny” object being touted by some guru or scam artist. Look for something solid and long term. You may have to re-invent yourself, but look deep inside yourself and see what you know and what you’re good at doing.

If you need to bounce some ideas off someone, give me a call sometime, or email me.

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